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List six [6] applications of instrument system in industry

  1. Experimental Design Studies: The design and development of a new product generally involves trial-and-error procedures which generally involves the use of empirical relations, handbook data, the standard practises mentioned in design codes as well as design equations based on scientific theories and principles.
  2. To Perform Various Manipulations: In a number of cases, the instruments are employed to perform operations like division, differentiation, integration, signal linearization, signal sampling, signal averaging, multi-point correlation ratio controls e.t.c
  3. Testing Of Materials, Maintenance Of Standards And Specification Of Products: Most countries have standard organisations that specify materials standards and product specification based on extensive tests and measurements. These test are been done so as to protect the interest of the consumers.They ensure that the material/products meet the specified requirements, so that they function properly and enhance the reliability of the system.
  4. Verification Of Physical Phenomena/Scientific Theories: Quite often experimental data is generated to verify a certain physical phenomenon. Whether a scientist or an engineer proposes any theory predicting a system’s behaviour. It needs to be checked to put the same on a sound factory.
  5. Quality Control In Industry: it is quite common these days to have continuous quality control tests of mass produced industrial products. This enables to discover defective components that are outright rejected at early stages of production. Consequently, the final assembly of the machine/system is free from defects.

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