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We continue to provide academically sound content of the highest caliber and welcome input from our users as we address issues of equity, diversity, inclusivity and representation. Since we know there are many different approaches to teaching and education, we develop our materials to complement these different philosophies across subjects and grades

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1. It’s strictly only Question and Answer and not a long

2. it will save you from extra time and cost

3. It will make you feel smarter among your school mates

4. You’ll be extra confident in the exam Hall

5 You won’t copy your mates in the exam Hall

6. You’ll be proud you did it yourself

7. You’re free to call or contact the Author for more help. Isn’t this wonderful, cheers to you my friend.

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He is a student of the polytechnic Ibadan he badged out with distinction as an electrical engineering student. His goal is to make you feel that Learning is the most simplest thing on earth. Is slogan is “You dream it, see it and work it out”

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