About Us


In the school we got numerous kids both intelligent ones and dull ones, but one surprising fact is that all teachers never intend to fail any child. Nevertheless a child will surely fail, it’s just like that. Despite that there are many reasons why a child should pass or fail.

Maybe he hasn’t gotten the right information/tutor or he is not ready for school yet and many thousand reason you can list. So this experience got me to know that many people can do more if they get the right teacher and information on time. that is the main goal and objective of this website emperorelectricalworks.com

our focus

Quality education should be within everyone’s reach. We work to ensure the cost of education is not an insurmountable obstacle for students. Hereby, this website offer free solutions and updates to student question for free.

We advance our mission through research, updates from school platforms, social impact investments, public course solutions, lecturers handout and inquisitiveness.

Our team includes experts in higher education, philanthropy, research, lecturer, inquisitive student, and ready learners. We work together to strengthen the genuineness of each information we bring to our users