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  • Magnetic flux is the surface integral of the normal components of the magnetic field B over that surface. It is usually denoted as ∅. The SI unit of magnetic flux is Weber∅ = BAcosø∅ = Magnetic fluxB = Magnetic fieldA = areaø = Angle between a perpendicular vector to the magnetic field and magnetic fluxMagnetic flux density, B is the measure of the magnetic flux passing through a unit area in a plane at right…

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  • Differentiate between conduit and surface wiring by enumerating the tools and consumable materials used in each system NoConduit wiring Surface wiring 1It is used to protect the cable inside the building or structureThese are wire that are installed outside the building2 In the case of PVC conduit, this wiring remains protected from rust as well as fireBut surface wiring conduit is not safe in case of fire outburst or any external harm because the PVC…

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  • Define the following terms; Earth continuity conductor: is a third conductor in line network or main distribution system with life and neutral that is bonded to the earth, which provides safety connection to any metal components not enclosed in the electrical circuit. Earthing lead: means the final conductor by which the connection to earth electrode is made Earth electrode: is a material used for earthing. Or is an electric wiring, a metal plate or any…

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