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On the 4th of November I officially became a member of the exclusive 1st student with distinction after five years of no such record, in the history of The Polytechnic Ibadan, Faculty of Engineering to graduate with distinction as a DPP students since its establishment in 2011.

The journey started In 2018 when I applied for Electrical engineering course in FUTMINNA but was eventually given physics which I didn’t accept due to my love for engineering. This did made me opt into The Polytechnic Ibadan to study engineering as my only alternative since I can learn more practical engineering there, than university ( due to siwes and IT program) because I told myself if I didn’t go to school that year I won’t go to school anymore. The journey which would have taken me two years lasted for three three years due to COVID-19 pandemic.

My goal was to be the best graduating students in my department which I did achieve. It was a journey of hardwork, consistency and a positive mindset. I gained admission with the resounding tune of ” no one can graduate with distinction being a DPP students in this faculty” but I followed the scripture which says “as a man thinketh in his heart so he is” and I shut off negativity. “When the world told me it’s ‘impossible’ dream told me I’m possible!” By Team Fearless.

Through the school I learnt how to be a man all by myself, resilient and focused which built me a never give up spirit. If you succeed in this school you can succeed anywhere in this world (including University of Ibadan). And I’m also very grateful because if I’d been in the university I won’t have seen the opportunity to work in Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

My first year in school was tough, I was busy reading things I found on Google which did made my first semester CGPA to be 3.38 but I learnt from my mistake and read notes and site pages confirmed by my lecturers and my GP rose to 3.71. My final ND last semester exam days was more tougher, I contacted a skin disease that lasted throughout the exam period but I managed to top my class of over 239 students.

At the beginning of the semester we were more than 239 students, along the line some gave up, some went to the university, some carry over and few didn’t see their results due to late registration. In a nutshell, only 43 students saw their results and I was lucky to be the only distinction student in my set. My next goal is to enter the university to further my studies. Albert Einstein has a quote and I’m gonna give it to you, it says ” imagination is everything; it’s the preview to life’s coming attraction ” It means everything you see in this world comes from one man imagination.

I am acknowledging my groundbreaking achievement with all my heart. I appreciate those who I had learnt one or two things from them knowingly and unknowingly, people like my Coordinator Engnr Ayeni to my Lecturer Engnr Ajala and my Project Supervisor Mr Opaleye even my NAEES President Iyiola and my close friend Sam and Michael makanju for being my source of motivation along this journey.

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Author: Oluwamuyide Seyi Peter