Identify six (6) major items (components) in a power system layout. (3 marks)

  1. Generator
  2. Transformer
  3. Transmission line
  4. Lightening arrestor
  5. Insulator
  6. Breaker

Six major items(component) in a power system layout

  1. Generator: this is the main source of supply in any power station
  2. Transformer: this is used in each area or geolocation to step up or step down voltages for the suitable transmission.
  3. Transmission line: it is the thick wire or conductor used to pass electricity from generating station to transformer for use.
  4. Lightening arrestors: it protect the other components from thunder strike and other relative dangers
  5. Insulators: it is used to cover the conductors outer body in order to prevent shock.
  6. Breakers: it is a component mostly found at the entrance of a building, to take electricity for consumers use.

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