State three (3) factors that determines the sitting/location of power station or transformer

Question six (6) 2018/2019
(1) Proximity to raw materials. E.g the sitting of hydro station is determined by natural water power source.

(2) Proximity to load center: There are factors like resistance that can deteriorate how effective the electricity will flow, due to the closeness or how distant it’s from the transformer

(3) Technical factors. At this point we are going to be talking about the operational factors. Getting spare parts and skilled professional technician to operate the transformer is also needed.
(4)Economic the managing and maintenance of the transformer is also included.
(5) Environmental factors. Due to the environment it’s been situated also matters a lot. For example a transformer which is situated in a cool environment will function properly, than a transformer situated in an unfriendly environment.

Calculate the power generated by a station which has a heed of 300m a flow rate of 6300kg/s and an overall efficiency of 75%.

P = ghr
H = 300m
Velocity, V = 6300
= , g = 9.8m/s
P = ghrV
= 9.81 x 300 x x 6300
But to convert it to newton:
11371752 you get to had one 0 (zero) to the numbers
113, 717,520
= 114MN

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