seven advantages and 4 disadvantages of nuclear and hydroelectric power station.

Hydro – electric power station
Hydro – electric power stations are generally located in hilly areas where dams can be built conveniently and large water reservoirs can be obtained.

Advantages of Hydro – electric power station
Mention eight (8)
(1) Although it needs a well skilled personnel to do the work, a few experience personnel can do the work well.

(2) It serve many purposes such as its used for irrigation and controlling floods.

(3) It is robust and it has a longer life.

(4) It can be put into service instantly without wasting time unlike steam power plants.

(5) It is comparatively simple in construction and requires less maintenance.

(6)It requires little or free cost due to that water is the main source of energy.

(7) It is clean and neat. In fact, it is the best electricity generation that has a special quality if neatness.

(8) It requires no fuel as water is used for the generation of electrical energy.

(1) It involves high capital cost due to construction of dam.

(2) There is uncertainty about the availability of the huge amount of water due to dependence on weather conditions.

(3) It requires high cost of transmission lines as the plant is located at hilly area which are far away from the consumers.

Nuclear power station.
Nuclear energy is available as a result of fission of reaction.
Advantages of nuclear reaction
(1) Quantity of fuel required is small for generating a given amount of electrical energy compared to that with other fuel.

(2) It is more reliable, cheaper for running cost and is efficient when operated at rated capacity.

(1)Fuel is expensive and not abundantly available everywhere.

(2) It has high capital cost.

(3)Maintenance charges are very high.

(4) Nuclear waste disposal is a problem.

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