MachinePrinciple of electrical machinePrinciple of electrical machine


The three principles of electromagnetic machines are;

β†’ induction

β†’ interaction

β†’ Alignment

Principle of Induction in electrical machine

PRINCIPLE OF INDUCTION: Is the essential production of an e.m.f by magnetic means via an interlinked electrical and magnetic circuits. A summation of all the products of flux and turns [βˆ…N] gives the total flux linkage [βˆ…]. If flux is made to change, an e.m.f is induced in the electric circuit and it time integral is equal to the change is;

edt = Ø or e = dø/dt

For More explanation, check this out induction

Principle of alignment in electrical machine

PRINCIPLE OF ALIGNMENT: Pieces of high permeability materials e.g iron in an ambient low temperature, air in which a magnetic field is established or experience a mechanical forces tending to align them with the field direction; in such a way as to minimize the reductance of the system.

Principle of Interaction in electrical machine

PRINCIPLE OF INTERACTION: When a current (I) lies in and is perpendicular to a magnetic field of density over an active length. In a mechanical force = BLi( is developed on it a direction perpendicular to both current and field)

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