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How to find voltage V1 and V2 using kvl | circuit theorem I

Find the voltage V1 and V2 using kvl

To Find V1 and V2, we’ll have to use ohm’s law and Kirchoff voltage law. Assume that current (I) flows through the loop

from ohm’s law, v = IR

so therefore, V1 = 4I,. V2 = -2I

Applying kvl around the loop given

-10 + V1 -8 – V2 = 0

-10 + (4i) -8 – (-2i) = 0

-10 + 4i -8 + 2i = 0

-18 + 6i = 0

6i = 18

i = 18/6; = 3A

so therefore, V1 = 4i; V2 = -2i

V1 = 4(3); 4×3. V2 = -2(3)

= 12V. =-6V


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