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Differentiate between conduit and surface wiring

Differentiate between conduit and surface wiring by enumerating the tools and consumable materials used in each system

NoConduit wiring Surface wiring
1It is used to protect the cable inside the building or structureThese are wire that are installed outside the building
2 In the case of PVC conduit, this wiring remains protected from rust as well as fireBut surface wiring conduit is not safe in case of fire outburst or any external harm because the PVC pipe is exposed
3Once the wiring has been completed, additions or alterations in wiring become difficult.Removing or adding of wires can be easily done in surface wiring
4It is more costly as compared to other types of wiringit is more cheaper
5It is difficult to find out the defect and remove itYou can easily trace fault
6It allows the wire to be easily arranged to avoid partial contact Due to the fact that the piping is exposed ( one eyes can see how the piping is done) there could be electric shock Incase of partial contact
7Most conduit is rigid but some flexible conduit is used in pipeAll surface wiring are flexible

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