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State two advantages and disadvantages of ELCB and wiring system

Define the following terms;

  1. Earth continuity conductor: is a third conductor in line network or main distribution system with life and neutral that is bonded to the earth, which provides safety connection to any metal components not enclosed in the electrical circuit.
  2. Earthing lead: means the final conductor by which the connection to earth electrode is made
  3. Earth electrode: is a material used for earthing. Or is an electric wiring, a metal plate or any type of conductor buried under earth to ensure a good conductive path to the ground.
  4. Consumer’s Earth Terminal: is a terminal or busbar which is part of the earthing material of an installation and which enables the electric connection of a number of conductor for earthing purposes.

State two advantages and disadvantages of ELCB

  1. It protects animals and humans from electric shock
  2. It’s cheap and efficient
  3. Failure to respond at certain conditions
  4. ELCB needs a sound earth connection for load protection.

Merits of steel conduit wiring systems

  1. Offers exceptional free resistance
  2. It deflect nails and screws and doesn’t stretch or tear
    Demerits of steel conduit wiring systems
  3. It’s difficult to install
  4. Risk of electric shock

List two advantages and disadvantages of trunking wiring system

  1. Offers exceptional corrosion resistance or alternative are possible
  2. Offers fire resistance or cheap and easy installation.
  3. Expensive compare to other wiring system
  4. Care and good workmanship are needed to ensure a successful installation

List 10 hazard that can occur when working on electrical installation in building

  1. Overhead power lines
  2. Damaged tool and equipment
  3. Inadequate wiring and overload circuit
  4. Improper grounding
  5. Exposed electrical part
  6. Damaged insulation
  7. Wet condition
  8. Loose fittings plug
  9. Use of extension cords
  10. Overloading circuit

List two major hazards listed above and describe any two ways by which hazards may be prevented

  1. Loose fittings plug
    I. Make sure enough sockets are available
    II. Ensure there are no trailing cable that can cause people to trip or fall
    III. Switch off and unplug appliances before cleaning or adjusting.
  2. Overhead power lines
    I. Use non conductive wood or fiber glass ladders.
    II. Know the safe working distance
    III. Wear personal protective equipment (PPE)

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