List four[4] importance of viscosity [4 marks]

What is viscosity

Viscosity: is defined as the resistance to flow. Resistance to flow means that the particles can move around, but it may be difficult for them to pass by each other. Viscosity decreases as the fluid is heated and increases as the fluid is cooled.

Advantages of viscosity in most industries

  1. The viscosity of some medication such as the various fluids used to remove warts, has also been modified for easier application.
  2. Drug companies manufacture medicines, such as cough syrup, that have a high viscosity yet are still drinkable, in order to coat and soothe the throat.
  3. It is a measure of oil resistance to flow
  4. It governs the sealing effect of oil and the rate of oil consumption.
  5. It determines the ease with which the machines may be stated or operated under varying temperature conditions.

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