Highlight five(5) differences between single phase and three phase supplies

Single phase supply Three phase supply
In a single phase supply, it power is supplied through two wires. It is called neutral and phase(life) wire.In three phase power supply, the power is supplied through four wires, that is three phase and one neutral
The voltage of one phase is 230vThe voltage of three phase is 415v
It requires more than more wire than three phase supplyIt does not require more wire
The efficiency of one phase is not higher than three phase supplyThe efficiency of three phase supply is higher than one phase supply
One phase supply isn’t complex since it has only two wires neutral included) making it more easier o understandThree phase supply has a four wire( neutral included) making it more complex to understand
Single and three phase supply

List three factors which affect the inductance of a inductor

  1. The number of turns
  2. The diameter of the coil
  3. The length of the coil
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