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Probability in mathematics

Introduction to probability, Laws of probability and types of probability
Determine the probabilities of selecting at random (a) a man, and (b) a woman from a crowd containing 20 men and 33 women

Past question and answer on MTH 211 (engineering mathematics)

Define:(i) premises (ii) contradiction (iii) tautologyWhat is a valid argument, hence establish the validity of the premisesP1: Alll engineering student are intelligent.P2: Emmanuel is an engineering studentLet P: Mariam is an intelligent girlQ: Mariam is able to provide solution to complicated problem.S: Either mariam is an intelligent girl or she is not able to provide […]

When is jamb registration starting for 2023 students

2023 UTME Registration To Start January 14 – JAMB The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has approved the commencement of the registration for the 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) from Saturday, 14th January to Tuesday, 14th February 2023.This, however, does not include registration for Direct Entry (DE) applications as the DE registration would […]

University Of Ibadan Requirements For Pharmacy Department

Requirements for Pharmacy Direct Entry Requirements i) A/Level Passes in Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Mathematics plus UME requirements.(ii) B.Sc degree in relevant fields. UTME Requirements English Language, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. O’level Requirements 5 O’ Level Credit Passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at a single sitting. Special Remarks UI accepts 5 […]

UI Direct entry requirements for MLS and Civil engineering

Requirements for Medical Laboratory Science. Direct Entry Requirements; i) 3 A level passes in Chemistry, Biology and one other science subject. UTME Requirements: English Language, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology O’LEVEL REQUIREMENTS 5 O’ Level Credit Passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Special Remarks; UI accepts HND with Upper Credit in related fields […]

(Free PDF) Download LAUTECH Post UTME Past Questions and Answers For Free

LAUTECH Post UTME questions and answers

Download free original Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), so as to enable you to prepare well for the upcoming Post UTME Screening Examination. Note that LAUTECH Post UTME Past Questions is totally free of charge.

FUTA Post UTME/DE Screening Past Questions & Answers [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Download FUTA Post UTME question for free For Your Post UTME, we have FUTA Post UTME Past Questions for all departments available here. And you can also download as much as possible for free. We are offering FREE post UTME past questions and answers to candidates? We understand that past questions are one of the […]

Download OAU Post UTME question for free

Download Your Post UTME Past Questions OAU Post UTME Past Questions for all departments is now available for free here. You can also download as much as possible for free. You can now download the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) post UTME past questions and answers (PDF) for free here. This page contains core subject combinations […]

JAMB PAST QUESTION AND ANSWER on polygon, set, bearing, permutation and combination

Mathematics questions with solutions 1. A regular polygon has each of its angles as 160⁰. What is the number of sides of the polygon? a) 36b) 9c) 18d) 20SolutionNumber of sides of the polygon » n»180(n-2)/n160 »180(n-2)/nCross multiply160n » 180n-360Collect like terms360 »180n-160n360 » 20nDivide both sides by 20n » 18 (C) 2. A girl […]

Everything about How to gain admission into university of Ibadan ( Question and answers)

Dear JAMBites, I salute your courage for choosing University of Ibadan as your preferred choice of Institution!I am aware that you have checked your JAMB Result. They told me that you beat the UI-JAMB cut off mark, by scoring above 200. This is worthy of celebration. Maybe you didn’t, accept my warm sympathies. This is […]

FUTA latest news on post utme 2022/2023


FUTA Aspirants can now proceed to the portal to print their schedule slips. The schedule slip will contain their exam details like date, time and venue. we’ve batch 1, 2 and 3. The Management of Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) has announced the deadline for

find the limit of x approaches infinity when sinx/x

MATHEMATICS DIFFERENTIATION(I) Lim x→0 sin 3x/xLim x→0 sin 3x÷x × 3÷33sin3x/3x= 3• Limx→0 Sin3x÷3×3×1 = 3(2) Lim x→0 tanx/xLim x→0 [tanx÷x × 1÷cosx]Lim x→0 tanx/x • Lim x→0 1/cosxLim x→0 tan0/0 • Lim x→0 1/cos01•1 = 1 (

How to solve indices and logarithm equation on MTH 111→ Past question and answer

Provide solution to indices and logarithm equation

THE DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICSFIRST SEMESTER TEST 2020/2021CLASS: ND1 civil EngineeringCOURSE CODE: MTH 111COURSE TITLE: Algebra and Element 3^x = 7; XLog3base3 = Log7base3Recall, Log3base3 = 1 (reason is that, Log of the same base = 1)X × 1 = Log7base3X = Log7base3 ( Find Log 7 base 3 ) [check the picture above, […]

Prove that √1-cos theta/ √1+cos theta = cosectheta-cot theta – Trigonometry

MathematicsProve that = cosecProve that the root of 1-costheta/ 1+costheta = cosectheta-cot theta Recall that,= cosecθ and = cotθTherefore,

Expo on Polytechnic Ibadan past question solved for MTH 111

Past question for MTH 1111

The Polytechnic Ibadan past question solved for MTH 111

How to solve addition and subtraction of matrix

MATHEMATICS MATRIX What is matrix? A matrix is a simple mathematical structure that holds numerical information in rectangular form, usually enclosed by a bracket. What’s special about matrix is the values enclosed in a bracket, which cannot be in another mathematical calculation. E.G Seyi’s school has its number of students in each of the SS […]

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