When are they giving admission to 2022 students| UNI ABUJA SCHOOL UPDATE


As promised, I’ll be telling you what you have to know about the aftermath of the Post Utme Registration.
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The registration for university of Abuja Post UTME Screening has ended on the 7th of February, for all those that have registered, I want to wish all that have registered good luck ahead, as far as you’ve done the needful. A quick notice to those that still want to edit or upload one or two documents on the school portal, you can still make all the corrections you want to make, even after the deadline has elapsed, that’s how generous the university of Abuja is.
If you haven’t upload any of your documents, you can still upload it now, and those of you that haven’t upload your O’level results, please do so immediately you have your O’level results ready with you.
Another advice for you; as you are making corrections or new uploads to your registration, it’s highly expected of you to be more cautious as not to do any mistake in it that may impede, hinder, refrain or deprive you of your admission, as far as you don’t have anything to do or correct in your registration, just leave it, don’t bother touching it.


The screening result will follow, but it won’t be immediately after this, whenever it’s time, we will surely let you know, just keep following our updates here, and, base on my estimation, the screening result will be out by the end of February or early March and hopefully admission will start reeling out in the month of March as well but it may be during the end of March, so you guys can resume as our new intakes in the month of May, as the new session commences in the first week of May. As soon as things go as planned.

My last advice before concluding my write-up

PLEASE, beware of scammers, this is their prime time they do make use of the opportunity to scam admission seekers like you, don’t fall prey, don’t be too desperate and don’t ever think of sorting out admissions with unknown people, paying exorbitant fees, you’ll just be scammed and no one will come to your aid or rescue.
Whosoever ask you to pay money for anything or to sort out things online here, please share on the comments box below!

If you are confused about anything or you want to ask questions, the comments box is always available for you, just construct your sentence well and be considerate with your questions.

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