The Polytechnic Ibadan Requirements For Clearance Exercise

What clearance form will I submit after admission?

The clearance file varies, depending on if you’re Full Time or Daily part-time students. We have;

  1. Faculty file: The word Faculty comprises of many related department coming together to form a legalize division. For instance the faculty of engineering is called FENG in Polytechnic, Ibadan. Electrical, mechanical, mechatronics engineering and so on are under FENG, the same thing applies to other departments. You must endeavor to submit your file given to you by your coordinator to your respective department.
  2. Departmental file: Each course have is own department. The school has Masscom department ( i.e Mass communication department) banking and finance department and so many more. Each students are expected to submit their clearance file to their respective department
  3. DPP file (for DPP students only): This file should be submitted at the DPP office at North campus.


  1. Original Jamb Admission Letter
  2. Original Jamb Result
  3. PolyIbadan Admission Letter
  4. PolyIbadan Application Slip
  5. Original O’Level Result (NECO, WAEC, NABTEB)
  6. O’Level Result checker (NECO, WAEC, NABTEB)
  7. Letter of Recommendation from your community
  8. Birth certificate or sworn affidavit of declaration of age
  9. Passport (8)

In Polytechnic Ibadan, if you donot print your course form at the stipulated period of time given to you by the school administrator, your results for that semester will be delayed for a set-time. Mind you, you cannot print your course form without paying your school fees first.

If you’re in engineering department you’ll be given a yellow file. Each Department have their colour file. Some are blue, some purple and many more. If you want to graduate from Polytechnic Ibadan without no issues you must make sure you submit all this files before the deadline.

NOTE: The deadline for submitting the file will be communicated to you after 4 weeks of resumption. Please note that Polytechnic Ibadan is a no nonsense school, you must endeavor to submit all clearance file to your respective department.


Oluwamuyide Peter

On the 4th of November I officially became a member of the exclusive 1st student with distinction after five years of no such record, in the history of The Polytechnic Ibadan, Faculty of Engineering to graduate with distinction as a DPP students since its establishment in 2011. My unrelenting power to solve problems, have made me to create a platform where student can get valid information anywhere, anyplace at anytime Evolving education world wide 🌎

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