The 14 Laws Of Henry Frayol

Division Of Work: Specialisation of labour brings about efficiency and organizational success.
Authority: Managers need to possess the right to give orders so that they can get things done. This right must be accompanied with responsibility.
Discipline: Organisational members need to respect the ruler and agreement that govern the organization. There is therefore the need for obedience and respect. Discipline will result from good leadership at all levels of the organization.
Unity Of Command: Each employees receive order from those superior, so as not to lead to conflict in instruction and confusion of authority.
Unity Of Direction: The efforts of everyone in the organization should be coordinated and focused in the same direction.
Subordination of individual interest to the general interest: In any undertaking, the interest of the employees should not take precedence over the interest of the organization as a whole.
Renumeration: Employees should be paid fully, in accordance with their contribution. That is compensation for work should be fair to both employees and employer.
Centralization: The relationship between centralization and decentralization is a matter of proportion of an optimum balance must be found for each organization.
The Hierarchy/scalar chain: The line of authorityin an organization often represented today by boxes and lines of the organization chart runs in order of from the management to the lowest level of the enterprise, subordinate should observe the formal chain of command unless expressly authorized by their respectively superiors to communicate with each other.
Order: Both materials and people should be in their proper places, that is the right place at the right time.
Equity: Managers should be fair to their subordinates. Fairness resulting from the combination of kindness and justice. Will lead to to devoted and loyal service.
Stability Of Staff: A high employee turnover rate is not good for the efficient functioning of an organization. People need time in learning their job.
Initiative: Subordinates should be given the freedom to conceive and carry out their plans, even when some mistakes result. One of the greatest satisfaction in organization for formulating and carrying out plan.
Esprit de Corps: Promoting teams spirit and harmonious effort among individuals is the key to organization success.
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