How to get started with motivation

Student motivation is defined as the ability to attain long or short term academic objectives. It also manifest as enthusiasm and a good attitude toward the learning process. This is the force that drive a student to accomplish a goal. The deep meaning of student means willingness to learn and be part of a class.

Motivation for student is far more than definition, you’ve to do it. In school we got numerous kids both the intelligent one and dull one but one surprising fact is that all teachers never intended to fail any child, nevertheless one child will surely fail. It’s just like that. Despite that there’re many reasons why a child should pass or fail. Maybe he hasn’t gotten the right teacher or he’s not ready for school and many thousands reason you can list.

But one important fact is that no one can help you except you help yourself, this is the motivation for student. If I should get all resources in the world to get you to be at your best, if you decide you’re not ready to change yet; all those research accumulated are nothing but waste.
I’ve experienced downfalls too.

Note: I didn’t mean only academic aspect but all aspect of life.
Early in life when I was 18, in school I got many excuses to say I’m not a good student. Couldn’t read simple ABC …….Z. It was so embarrassing to me then. It was a big disgrace to the extent that teacher has to separate the brilliant student from the dull ones.

This was done in such a way that whenever anybody comes in, he/she will notice the difference between each side. And she will go further by putting me in the front role of the dull ones desk.

I end up repeating that class. But what change me was a little motivation I got from the new teacher and my mum’s be perspective, to get me a lesson teacher to change my life.

So this experience got me to know that many people can do more, if only they can get little motivation for success and that’s the purpose of this write-up.

In support of the story just shortly said, I was found to be a DPP student and not a full time student in The polytechnic of Ibadan (not university), far from the school I dreamed about. But I made up my mind to come out with first class, Lo and behold I got an aggregate of 3.38 CGPA in my first semester.

Luckily, I met a brother who challenge me and also told me it’s impossible to have distinction in school because for the past 6 years + there’s no record of distinction. I’m talking of year 2019. And I had just 3.38 in my first semester cumulative.

How do I come out of this spell, I must have 3.70 as my CGPA in my second semester. So I set a goal to achieve 4.0 CGPA out of 4.0 isn’t that mad, but possible.

This is a school where the lecturers don’t care about their student. At the end of semester I missed but got 3.71 CGPA and that earn me distinction but the next year all I crave for is 4.0 CGPA nothing else. i missed again but end up graduating with distinction. If i can do it you can do more.

Please in the next few days I want you to either message or snap a document of a change in your life to this website. Love you as you do that. More Wins!

Quote: Successful people set their goal so high and miss but unsuccessful people set their goal so little and get

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