This information is for students that want to do their final clearance in The Polytechnic Ibadan


  1. Photocopy of clearance form: Final clearance is a happy journey of fulfilment that you’ve successfully completed your school processes, but endeavor you’ve done all registration as necessary. The first thing you’ve to do after your ND/HND program is to endeavor that you pay clearance and notification of Results online. After you’ll take it to admission office, a clearance form will be handed over to you to go and fill with the appropriate signature and stamp.
    The things you should be expecting to be filled in the form by you include the signature of Hall warden, your practical lecturers, Director of VSESC, alumni, protocol officer, librarian and Dean if students affairs. But don’t panic once you start you’ll see some of your colleagues that have done theirs successfully.
    Once you’re done submitting this form to each respective personnel allocated to sign you can photocopy this form along with the other three listed below for submission before going to Exams and Record.
  2. Photocopy of VSESC final clearance form: This receipt is meant for all EED payment you made from ND1 to ND2
  3. Photocopy of Alumni Clearance form: A form will be given to you to fill appropriately, once you’re done with the clearance form.
  4. Photocopy of school or departmental ID card: This is self explanatory, you’ll have to do photocopy of either your school ID card or departmental ID card
  5. Summits to exams and record: This is very essential if you want to see your results ( either NOR or certificate)

Disclaimer : Submission of clearance form is between 12am to 3am

To know more about the. School check out Polytechnic of Ibadan, admission requirements

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