Past question on Use of English (GNS 201)

Use of English (GNS 201)

Question and answers.

  1. The grammatical arrangement of units in language is known as _
  2. Clauses introduce by words like although, even, though e.t.c are describe as_
  3. A _is a word of the same meaning.

Use the following words (No. 10_13)connotatively in sentence :

  1. Boy
  2. Death
  3. Knock
  4. Sick
  5. The choice of suitable words in a literary word is called _
  6. The period of waiting to know the next event in a play is a state of _
  7. In a literary work __are expression that have been so often used and widely quoted that they have become familiar.

Identify the structural type of the following sentences (18-22)

  1. Tunde, the only male child of the family, loves kikelomo, that popular prostitute.
  2. The he is a tyrant is known by everyone.
  3. Think fast and act right whenever you are in power.
  4. The woman does not intend to live alone with her children but the husband hate seeing her around.
  5. Men who run after women stand the risk of contracting venereal diseases.

Identify the grammatical names and function of the underlined parts in the following sentences.

  1. The old, vibrant, energetic president is out if the country.
  2. she left after she had gotten her desire.
  3. If you like peace you will avoid crises.
  4. That my head of unit is jovial is not debatable.

Write an essay of not more than two pages on any one of the following:

(I) 2016 UTME Scandal in Nigeria: cancellation of result as a necessary remedy?
(ii) My experience at the coronation of the new olubadan of Ibadan.
(iii) The last student unrest on our campus: A lesson for all.

Read the passage below carefully and answer the question that follow:

The best acceptable definition of history us that it is the record of the past action of mankind, based on surviving evidence. It is this evidence that the historian employs to Chronicle and correlate events, by which he arrive at conclusions which he believes to be valid. Hence, the historian is referred to as an interpreter of the development of mankind.
It should be understood that there us more than one way of treating the past. For example, in trying to deal with the revolution in Nigeria, past and present, the historian may describe the events in a narrative order or, he may choose to concentrate on analysis of the general courses comparing their stages of evolution with the patterns of revolution in other countries.
The historian does not seek to attain the same kind of result as the scientist, who can verify his conditions by repeating his experiment on a controlled condition while he also attempts to classify the phenomena, the historian is more likely to consider evebts in terms of their uniqueness.
Added to this is the fact that history is concerned, fundamentally, with the lives and action of men, and as such, the historian search for causes is bound to be that historians agree and insist that history should be written as scientifically as possible and that the evidence should be analysed with the same objective attitude employed by the scientist when he examines certain phenomena of nature.

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