Enumerate five (5) maintenance process of a lead acid battery

1. Electrolyte level must be maintained 10-15mm above the plates for the proper reaction of the constituents.
2. Terminal voltage of the cell must not be allowed to fall below 1.8v
3. Battery should be charged to it’s rated capacity to increase the efficiency of the battery.
4. Battery should not be allowed to remain in semi-discharged condition, otherwise the life of the battery will be reduced.
5. Commercial sulphuric acid should not be used otherwise the active components will be damaged soon.
6. Distilled water should be used for topping the level of electrolyte.
7. Battery should be kept clean and dry, also rooms should be well ventilated to avoid suffocation.
8. It should not be left in discharged condition for a long time otherwise defects of the sulphation will occur.

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