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How to write letter of undertaking in the university/college Admissions

What is letter of undertaking?

A formal pledge or promise to do something. For example “I give an undertaking that we shall proceed with the legislation”.
Typically, an undertaking letter will include a statement of what is being promised, the date by which the promise will be met, and the signatures of the relevant parties. And letter of undertaking should be written as formal letter, please take note.

How to write letter of undertaking for school Admission

Why is undertaking letter a must?

In Nigeria, students who are newly admitted into universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and secondary schools are required to write a letter of undertaking and submit as part of the documents required for clearance.
This will be like an assurance to them that you’ll not be non-compliance to their rules and regulations and if you do it will be a validation to them to either punish or rusticate such student from the school.

How to write letter of undertaking for school Admission

There are some technical information that you need to write about in your letter of undertaking, if not included you may lose accreditation due to misinformation; so therefore vital message is a must.
Quick and relevant information that you need to provide is the year of admission and some other details of being a good student, if you start schooling there. For example, I pledge to be of good conduct and to obey all the rules and regulations of my department, faculty and the university at large

The picture above is a good example of undertaking letter

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