How to study well as a student

Make reading interesting for yourself

Being a teacher has made me to know that, what kept most student from achieving their goal in studies is due to the following reasons.

NOTHING DRIVES YOU: On the 27th of june 2020 I asked a student, what’s your drive for studying; as in what keeps you studying. Her reply was “nothing drives me” That’s what is wrong with most student even in life. Most rich people saw school as a delaying factor but remember a once richest man in the world, BILL GATES Said “he read a book every week”. Yeah we have heard and know that readers are leaders because they begin to know about the things the majority who sit and hear general information don’t know.

Majority people just know what’s trending not what is HIDDEN. If you’re a guy that don’t believe in studies it’s never right to say you’re in the wrong direction but the question is this, are you developing in your daily strategy of life?. Most student in order to become a good student in an effective way, you’ve to do something that will keep you going. What keeps most people to watch movies and crack jokes, talk incessantly that don’t bring any gain in the long run repeatedly; is because there is an immediate excitement.

So were are we drawing the conclusion to, in order to do well in your field; you got to bring excitement to it. If we all can read like we do when playing, going to see that mall or visiting that friend. Attending birthday’s and parties, assuming we can get an immediate excitement, all of us would have been great in our studies. For example, ALBERT EINSTEIN never impressed his teachers in school. He was referred to as a dullard but today he’s the father of an extraordinary subject PHYSICS’. He did that due to excitement you’re going to discover in this note.

Learn from failures: A must read

SHORT NOTE: Albert Einstein never did great due to what most of student out there face when in school. Most student face direct condemnation in front of their teacher, lecturer or fellow student who thought they were not good enough. Most student believe the lie I’m not good enough. But there’s something surprising about those student. What is surprising about them is, when they eventually saw themselves doing what others can’t do, the fire within them, burn so high that nothing can pull them back again.

Don’t allow anybody to drive you down as a student because they never know, how big the fire within you, will be when you actually realize it. So what made Albert Einstein great? Albert Einstein finally discovered that there is a big potential in him when he finally became a professor after graduation.

This only thought gave him joy and self belief that if he could teach great, then he can make an ordinary physics become extraordinary. Go to Google and you’ll see and know that his theory, makes physics to become an head course above chemistry , physics and other big subjects science student face in school. With a better perspective we can all envision ourselves becoming great in what we do the moment we can find joy in it.

Nife and lifted

I was privilege to have some great student, I asked the sister [Nife] younger to the other nine year old sister called Lifted, can you read? She responded with a bold letter “NO”. This little girl went further to tell me that’s impossible for someone at her age, to spell five letter words. Then after many observation I found out that, students find it impossible to study; because of the traditional practice of their parents always yelling at them when they make mistakes. You see in the long run all the shouting, yelling and flogging. Only bring the student to take studies as an enemy not a friend. Why is because the moment you do that to a child you term to bring fear to them.

Can you imagine how many mistakes we do in business and we take most as normal things, why can’t we do such in studies too? But when a child isn’t good in studies they envision it as a problem immediately, instead of seeing it as a step toward success.

Whenever I see students make mistakes at a particular subject I encourage them, by informing them about 300 million students that haven’t even thought of reading that topic, talkless of knowing it; so therefore they’re one step ahead of 300 million student. Can you imagine that? The student quickly feel encourage that if she finally know this, she has discovered what 300 million students don’t know.


Nife made me to realize that there’s a way to make education interesting if we choose to. Nife during dictation hours, will jump up and sing each dictation, approving to herself before she spelt it that she knows it. Affirming to herself that she can spell it with a brilliant smile written all over her face. But the funny part is that, nife wasn’t like that before.

Most times she will cry and plead that, the lesson should come to an end. So this is the step I took. I smiled anytime I see her older sister reads. Was I doing this to hurt her? No! I was only showing her that it’s good and loving to know how to read. I gave her gifts after I notice every little change in her. This excites her to read to the extent that she don’t want me to leave their home anymore. I even brought a technique of allowing the first student who is through with her job for that day, to go some minutes earlier before the other person.

YOU can’t imagine how fast she went with studies. You get what you give. Due to the way I relate with her in a loving way the children went further to make me a flower as a present anytime I come to teach them. It was repeatedly given to me, that I’ve to tell them to stop. What do you learn from here? You don’t deprive yourself by loving others you only do, if you don’t!

Her elder sister also facing the stress of reading on her own because she expected others salute before reading. Most of us do that without our love ones honest approval, we don’t like to do the right thing untill they tell us to do so. That is totally wrong. So I helped nife by telling her that she was great only if she can envision it. And if others call you a loser they aren’t hurting you.They’re only trying to tell you to define yourself as a leader or not. But I never told her in front of her parents in other not to offend both parties, so therefore I wasn’t offending any of them instead I was encouraging her. We most in times as student, need those people telling us we can’t. Because without them, we will loose the urge of telling the world how great we are

Another thing is don’t be fake make it practical. JESUS said “ he that is saved among you go out and save others”. There is more growth in practical than theory. Whenever you learn something new get a friend and teach.There are thousands out there who will be grateful if you teach them what you know. The more you teach, the more you know.
I have a mentality of a student untill when I began to think as a teacher. A teacher get the problems solved , a student wait for the problems to be solved.
Always have a goal and back it up with result, which is equivalent to actions you make today. According to a great man he said “ what makes football exciting is the goalpost”
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