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How To Remove Your Infinix Hot 12i Phone From Private Number

The way to remove your phone number from hidden/private number is different from any other phone so sit down and read how to remove your infinix hot 12i phone from private number.

First go to your call logs

After select the signboard icon

Then select the edit icon

(it looks more like a pencil)

Then select Sim Card Setting

After that select Carrier Features

Then it will take you to

calling account

you can either choose which

SIM you want to remove

from Private Number

( either SIM 1 or 2)

Then select Additional Setting

Under Additional


select Caller ID

(Number display in

outgoing calls)

It will load for 1 -3

minutes maximum

then it will show these

three phase

( Network Default,`

Hide Number

and Show Number).

Select Show Number

By now you should have solve your private number issue. Thanks.


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