How Does UniAbuja Give Out Admissions?

Good day to you all, I’ll be telling you things about the aforementioned topic but I’ll try to make it brief.

It’s not a new thing to you that admission will start reeling out from March upwards, which we are in already, let me just tell you this, the admission will start either mid or late March.

UniAbuja admission is not a one-day or one-week stuff, the admission duration is always more than a month, i.e the admission process may take like 3 months before it get concluded, that’s how UniAbuja do conduct her admission exercise.

And why is it always like that…?

Well, UniAbuja always give out the admission in a gradual process, whereby, Jambites will get admission first before Direct Entry Applicants start seeing theirs, and mind you, the admission is always by faculty by faculty or department by department, that’s why the admissions won’t come all at the same time.

The admission will come in starting from Merit then downwards. In this phase, those with high Jamb scores and strong O’level results for the course they applied for, will see their admissions first before any other applicants. Mind you, the total number of applicants for each course will determine how sure your admission will be for that course, because all departments have their respective admission quotas, i.e the total amount of applicants they can admit into that department. As for now, Political Science has the highest admission quota but I won’t tell you the total amount of students we do admit into it.

And also, UniAbuja admits applicants from each state of the country
Let me give brief explanation to this,

No matter the amount of aspirants that applied from a state, the school must admit from there a certain number of students. Let’s say we have just 10 applicants from Kebbi State, and they scored low in their Jamb score, the school must still admit them as far as they meet our general cut off mark which is 180. So, no discrimination or segregation here at all, the school will admit from all states, that’s why you do see at times that someone that scored lesser got admission quick than someone that scored higher, the state of origin and the total amount of applicants that applied from each state matters most.

So, what about the collaboration between the School and Jamb…?

In this phase, it is the school that will give you admission, not Jamb!
After maximum scrutiny from the school and they are satisfied with your qualification, then they will award you with admission, and if they are not fully convinced of your qualifications, they may decide to drop you into another department by giving you another course. If they don’t find you qualifiable enough, then you won’t get admission at all.

After the school has given you admission, then they will forward your details to Jamb so that Jamb can announce the admission to you via your Jamb CAPS, this is so because all Institutions Regular Admissions MUST pass through Jamb, that’s the law behind the tertiary education admission system.

And know this, the moment the school award you admission, you don’t need to bother much on Jamb coz your admission will surely appear there, be it soon or later. Same thing applies to Direct Entry Applicants…

University of Abuja admission requirements
Admission into university of Abuja

So, how is UniAbuja DIRECT ENTRY Admission Process…?

Before you can get your D.E Admission into our 200L here, you must have upper credit or credit in your ND or NCE qualification else you might have to start from 100L. IIf you are a Bsc. holder, you can get your 200L admission with any qualification, either 1st class, 2nd class or lower.

As for IJMB or JUPEB holder, if you score less than 10 points, you may have to start from 100L for some courses, the fact that you want to enter here as a Direct Entry applicant doesn’t mean they will just give you 200L like that, what you are bringing to us (your qualifications) matters most.

And if things go as planned, you guys will start school with us in the early month of May, just pray towards your admissions.

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