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Ejikeme Mmesoma replies JAMB after being accused of forging UTME result

Mmesome had claimed to have scored 362 but JAMB refuted her claim, stressing that she got 249.

Her claims had generated divergent views and controversy across Nigeria.

However, the authentic result slip released by JAMB has Mmesoma’s portrait contrary to the result sheet she was parading.

Meanwhile, JAMB spokesman, Fabian Benjamin, said Mmesoma paraded an “obsolete” notification slip.

Amid the controversy generated, JAMB has barred the 19-year-old from sitting for the exam for the next three years.

My name is Ejikeme Mmesoma I’m the owner of this result. I went to JAMB portal to print this result  there is no way I can forge this from their portal. This is my aggregate score 362 jamb score. They now saying I forge my result is what I don’t understand because I print this from their portal. I’m dramatized by that they accuse me of forging my own result because I’m not capable of forging result and also printing it from jamb very portal. Okay, it was told I forged my own result and the QR code on my JAMB report slip was scan and it showed another name, a Yoruba name was showed on it. A Yoruba girl  (Omotola Afolabi) scored 138 and it was checked again and she got 338 meaning that there is a problem.

Meanwhile, she doesn’t pride in her performance because it’s not anything to her. Mmesoma has always been a hardworking and studious student who doesn’t joke with her studies. She entered the present school from SS1 after writing her junior WAEC in Oba. Her results are there for anyone to see. It’s a public school. 

The 362 score she got is what she saw in the SMS sent to her by JAMB, after sending her code to the portal. That’s the same score she had been parading with for over two months before this controversy came up. 

We went to the minister of commissioner of education last week, my principal and educational secretary of Anglican Girls College and Anglican Diocese accompanied me there. We showed the result and SMS they sent to me, they call back and said that this is a forged result, that I forged the result myself and also called the DSS to come to her office and arrest me. The DSS took us to their office, we wrote a statement about it and they promise to do a thorough investigation about it and know where the source came from. Instead of JAMB officials to wait for DSS investigation to be over they went and posted that Ejikeme Mmesoma forged her result.

She said the school was still awaiting the outcome of a detailed investigation by the Department of States Services (DSS) when the news of the alleged forgery was broken on Sunday.

Since my nursery school have been taking first position I’m a brilliant girl it’s not that I’m an illiterate person to go and forge my result to impress people around me because I am not intelligent. I have been taking first position since I was but a kid even in my common entrance I scored 300 and something so why will I forged my result now.


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