Henry frayol [1841-1925]Henry frayol has been acknowledge, the founder of the classical management school, not because he was first to investigate managerial behavior but because he was the first to systemize it.
Fayol always insisted that his success was not due to his personal abilities as a manager but to the method he used. He believed that with scientific forcasting and proper methods of management, satisfactory result were inevitable.
Fayol’s insistent that management was not a personal talent but a skill was a major contribution to management.
The father of scientific management committed himself to the relentless pursuit of finding a better way. Taylor sought nothing less than what he called a mental revolution I n the practice of industrial management.
Taylor started the scientific management movement in industrgies in four areas, standardization of time, time and task study, selection and training and pay incentives.
The principle of scientific management, put forward certain principles. These principle are highlighted

Time study principle: measuring by accurate time-study all productive efforts as well as the establishment of standard time for all workdone.
Piece rate principle: concerns payment of wages which are commensurate with output. Workers were to be paid in relation to their output instead of the numbers of hours worked and the rate to be paid were to be passed in standards determine by time study.
Separation of planning performance: the responsibility for planning work and making performance physically possible was to be taking over from workers by management.
Scientific method for work principle: management were to assume the responsibility for work methods and training of workers as found necessary.
Management control principle: management were to be trained and taught the application of scientific principleof management and control.
Functional management principle: the application of strict military principle in industrial organization is to be abolished [ in order to ensure industrial coordination among the various sspecialist]s


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