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Calculate the average speed?


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What is SPEED in physics

Imagine you’re on your way to school and someone ask you what is SPEED, what will you say?
In a lame man language speed is the number of distance you covered per time taken to cover the distance
IN PHYSICS; SPEED is defined as the rate of change of distance per time
Average speed = distance / time = change in distance / change in time = s/t
D2 – D1/ t2 – t1 = final distance – initial distance/ final time – initial time = s/t
The S.I unit for speed is m/s

Example 1

A student cover a distance of 5km in 30 minutes. Calculate the average speed?
Average speed = distance/time = 5 × 1000/ 30 × 60
4.17m/s ( 4.17 meter per seconds)

Example 2

A driver traveling at a speed of 245km/hr received a text message on his mobile phone. How far is he, in kilometers, 30s later from when he received the text?
Speed = 245km/hr, time,t = 20s, ( 30s = 30/3600hr). Distance, s = ?
Distance = speed × time = 245km/hr × 30hr/3600 ( hr will cancel out)
245/120 = 2.04km

What is velocity?

Velocity is the same thing as speed only that it moves in a specific directions, it is a vector quantity. Velocity can be defined as the rate of change of distance moved with time in a specific direction. It is also defined as the rate of change of displacement with time. Displacement means distance traveled in a specific direction.
Velocity = displacement/time = change in displacement/change in time
=( Final displacement – initial displacement) / (final time – initial time)
However speed is used in place of velocity and vice versa. The S.I unit for velocity is m/s.

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