Choose the word opposite in meaning to the underlined words.

  1. In many ways my parents are very conservative but there are times when they surprise me with their_________________ ideas on family planning.
    A. Orthodox. B. Critical. C. Modern. D. New. E. Liberal
  2. My brother adores dog but he has a very strong _ for cats.
    A. Love. B. Annoyance. C. Attitude. D. Dislike. E. Criticism
  3. On our way to OkTarkwa Bay the sea was turbulent but fortunately it was quite __ on our way back.
    A. Calm. B. Pleasant. C. Motionless. D. Placid. E. Rough
  4. Though payment of the Levy is voluntary, it is ________ for all students to pay tuition fees.
    A. Essential. B. Important. C. Necessary. D. Mandatory. E. Optional
  5. The director left strict instructions regarding the running of the office but his deputy was most ____ in his absence.
    A. Vague. B. Lazy. C. Lax. D. Accurate. E. Prompt
  6. Emeka complained that while his colleagues where elevated, he was _______
    A. Interdicted. B. Prompted. C. Suspended. E. Dismissed. E. Downgraded
  7. The taxi driver pleaded that the splashing of water was accidental but the lady insisted that it was __
    A. Thoughtful. B. Deliberate. C. Directed. D. Mischievous. E. Incidental
  8. The government was accused of implementing policies that favoured the elite instead of the _
    A. Masses. B. Oppressed. C. Executive. D. Worker. E. Jobless
    From the words letter A to E, choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences.
  9. The earthquake that struck Mexico __ the city.
    A. Confused
    B. Devastated
    C. Demarcated
    D. Troubled
    E. Demolished
  10. After his defeat in war, the General ______his army and went into retirement.
    A. Fired
    B. Retired
    C. Disbanded
    D. Executed
    E. Disgraced
  11. The notorious rubber was finally__________ by the police after a three-month search.
    A. Surrounded.
    B. Overwhelmed.
    C. Arrested.
    D. Entangled.
    E. Located
  12. Many students had good results in the examination but Kola’s performance was __
    A. Tolerable
    B. Best
    C. Fair
    D. Unacceptable
    E. Woeful
  13. Besides being a qualified nurse, my mother is also good in accounting, hair-dressing and sewing; she is very __ indeed.
    A. Versatile
    B. Skilled
    C. Clever
    D. Pushful
    E. Hard-working
  14. It is most _ that despite the huge amount spent on health care, most hospitals lack basic medical equipment.
    A. Wonderful
    B. Ungrateful
    C. Wicked
    D. Astonishing
    E. Remarkable
  15. The _ ceremony of the new Oba has to be postponed because of the sudden death of his mother.
    A. Initiation.
    B. Coronation
    C. Cultural
    D. Rememberance
    E. Resurrection
  16. The local government election result was cancelled because of widespread _ during voting.
    A. Offences
    B. Accusations
    C. Violence
    D. Fighting
    E. Irregularities
  17. He was _ to have escaped unhurt from the collapsed building.
    A. Fortunate
    B. Brilliant
    C. Agile
    D. Unfortunately
    E. Energetic
  18. The out-going leader warned his successor to beware of_________ who praise every activity of the government, whether good or bad.
    A. Critics
    B. Favourities
    C. Enthusiasts
    D. Parasites
    E. Sycophants.
  19. The officers pledged their _ loyalty to the new government.
    A. Indefatigable
    B. Complete
    C. Questionable
    D. Unalloyed
    E. Indiscriminate
    SECTION 3: After each of the following sentences, a lost of possible interpretations of the sentence is given. Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence.
  20. Though we lost the last match, we will get even with our opponents in the next round. This means that
    A. Our components were just lucky to win
    B. We will win the next match
    C. We will not play again
    D. The two teams are not evenly matched.
  21. He was retrenched last year and now he is only the shadow of his former self. This means that he
    A. Looks very well
    B. Is just like his shadow
    C. Is very thin and weak
    D. Is very fearful
  22. Due to poor visibility all aircrafts were grounded at the Kano Airport for two days. This means that
    A. All aircrafts had mechanical problems
    B. The runway at Kano Airport was damaged
    C. No aircraft could take off
    D. There was a visible disturbance in at Kano Airport.
  23. Getting six distinctions in your mock examination is praiseworthy but do not allow it to get into your head. This means that the good result
    A. Has made you mad
    B. Has not bothered you
    C. could be better
    D. Should not make you conceited
  24. When Mr. Ojo, the first principal, suddenly left the school it became a regular bedlam. This means that
    A. There was noise and confusion everywhere
    B. Everybody started coming to school regularly
    C. Everybody was happy with his departure
    D. Discipline was restored to the school.
  25. Segun held the audience spellbound with his superb performance. This means that
    A. the play was a good one
    B. all the actors put up a good performance
    C. all the actors, except segun, performed very well
    D. Members of the audience were captivated by Segun’s performance.
  26. I knew Okoronkwo’s father very well and I must say that his son is a chip off the old block. This means that Okoronkwo
    A. has chosen the same career as his father.
    B. is very much like his father.
    C. is an extremely different sort of person from his father
    D. has taken up a different pofession from his father’s.
  27. The debating team was warned to make convincing points and not to play to the gallary. This means that the team should not be
    A. be selfish
    B. underrate opponents
    C. be over-confident
    D. attempt to win cheap popularity
  28. Anyone who thinks that he can succeed in life without working hard is living in a fool’s paradise. This means that such a person
    A. is having an illusion
    B. thinks other people are fools
    C. think that working is merely a joke
    D. Is on the verge of insanity
    SECTION 4: From the words or group of words lettered A to B below each of the following sentences, choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word or group of words.
  29. As a result of the terrible sufferings he had undergone, he became very despondent about the future.
    A. mischievous
    B. agitated
    C. desperate
    D. aggressive
    E. hopeless
  30. The boss has an aversion for smoking.
    A. an inclination
    B. a distaste
    C. a lust
    D. a desire
    E. a habit
  31. The chairman was admired for his doggedness.
    A. Success
    B. Humility
    C. Vigour
    D. Tenacity
    E. Mildness
  32. One of the complaints against the former chairman was that he was inaccessible.
    A. unapproachable
    B. unfriendly
    C. Strict
    D. Sturborn
    E. autocratic
  33. The bride wore a very resplendent dress to the wedding.
    A. expensive
    B. conspicuous
    C. burdensome
    D. superfluous
    E. dazzling
  34. The execution of the projects has been hampered by lack of funds.
    A. revoked
    B. accelerated
    C. accentuated
    D. forbidden
    E. hindered
  35. We could not understand why Fatima declined the invitation to our wedding
    A. refused
    B. stopped
    C. declaimed
    D. objected to
    E. delayed
  36. The government has earmarked a large sum of money for the construction of feeder roads.
    A. Expended.
    B. set aside
    C. accumulated
    D. retained
    E. invested.
  37. Soon after the accident, the driver came out of the wreckage of the car unscathed.
    A. unconscious
    B. seriously injured
    C. slightly injured
    D. bleeding
    E. unhurt
  38. The evidence of the witness corroborated that of the accused.
    A. contradicted.
    B. prosecuted
    C. confirmed
    D. sentenced
    E. suspended
  39. The court restrained the company from laying off the striking workers.
    A. compelled
    B. ordered
    C. prevented
    D. cajoled
    E. persuaded
  40. This year’s budget was designed to consolidate the gains of the economic recovery programme.
    A. Support
    B. protect
    C. reclaimed
    D. strengthen
    E. diversify
    SECTION 5: From the words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences.
  41. Okoro __ to the occasion when he was asked to propose the toast to the bride.
    A. stood.
    B. rose
    C. lifted
    D. climbed
  42. The architect did not __ where the lights were to be put in each room.
    A. construct
    B. specify
    C. arrange
    D. inform
  43. Mary is a friendly sorte of person. I took _ her the first time i met her.
    A. on
    B. for
    C. after
    D. to
  44. Yisa and I asked Ahmadu to allow both of us to put __ In his house for one night.
    A. up
    B. on
    C. over
    D. down
  45. The boy was seen hitting the girl, but the teacher merely cautioned him and let him __
    A. down
    B. on
    C. through
    D. off
  46. They often quarrelled during the day but they __ before the night
    A. set it over
    B. made it up
    C. passed it over
    D. put it off
  47. The new president and members of his cabinet _ on a familiarization tour of the corporations.
    A. are
    B. are being
    C. have being
    D. was
  48. The president, with members of his cabinet, __ visiting our establishment this afternoon.
    A. are
    B. was
    C. we’re
    D. is
  49. It is high time we __ complaining about our unfortunate situation
    A. stop
    B. shall stop
    C. should stop
    D. stopped
  50. You had better __ it, otherwise you’ll have yourself to blame.
    A. do
    B. to do
    C. to be doing
    D. done
  51. Whenever the baby cried, the mother _
    A. sighs
    B. will sigh
    C. shall sigh
    D. sighed
  52. Bode and Tunji are very selfish, they care only about __
    A. each other
    B. one another
    C. themselves
    D. them
  53. With _ more patience, you will overcome your trouble
    A. much
    B. a little
    C. little
    D. less
  54. At that time when the economy was good, a young school leaver __ easily get a job
    A. could
    B. can
    C. should
    D. shall
  55. I had occasion _ Abuja last month
    A. for visiting
    B. of visiting
    C. to visit
    D. in visiting
  56. There are 8 chairs in your room, _?
    A. aren’t they
    B. aren’t there
    C. are they
    D. isn’t it
  57. We need not take the matter so seriously, _?
    A. needn’t we
    B. need to do
    C. do we?
    D. need we?
  58. Have you any objection __ him to lunch?
    A. to invite
    B. with invite
    C. for inviting
    D. to inviting
  59. The teacher sent for you and the class prefect but __ of you was in the class
    A. both
    B. each
    C. neither
    D. two
  60. The students bought the new Atlas __ the advice of their Geography teacher.
    A. on
    B. by
    C. with
    D. at
  61. I’ve forgotten __ told me that story
    A. whom
    B. who
    C. by whom
    D. which
  62. The box is __ big for home to carry
    A. too
    B. so
    C. very
    D. much
  63. When I was coming back from Lagos, I saw a __
    A. One-legged young mad man
    B. young one-legged mad man
    C. one-legged mad young man
    D. mad man one-legged young
  64. The students have not come back from the farms _?
    A. isn’t it
    B. hadn’t they.
    C. didn’t they
    D. have they
  65. Kunle told me that_________ had gone to see the bank manager for the cheque
    A. himself
    B. him himself
    C. he himself
    D. him
  66. His idea appears _ odd for people to accept.
    A. little
    B. little too
    C. too little
    D. a little too
  67. In this form you are asked to __ what does not apply
    A. cross with
    B. cross out
    C. cross in
    D. cross over
  68. Many affidavits have been __ as evidence in this case.
    A. sworn in
    B. sworn with
    C. sworn for
    D. sworn to
  69. Benin, __ is reputed to be an historical city, is the capital state of Edo State
    A. what
    B. where
    C. that
    D. which

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