State eight (8) advantages of hydropower plant. (4 marks)

  1. It’s renewable: it can be regain back after usage since it main source is water.
  2. It is clean and no pollution: among all other type of generating system the hydropower station produces no  pollution whatsoever to the environment
  3. Flexibility: tapping is encouraged and it’s also used for bulk transmission of electricity for both large and small consumers
  4. It requires no fuel i.e little or no running cost as water is the main source of energy
  5. It serve many purposes such as control floods and use in  irrigation system e.t.c
  6. It requires little maintenance
  7. Reliability: it is highly reliable and trusted  kind of power system.
  8. It is robust and have a longer life
  9. Starter is not needed i.e it can be put into service instantly without not wasting time.
  10. It is comparatively simple in construction
  11. Although it need a well skilled personnel to do the work a few skilled personnel can do the work well.
  12. No losses are incurred when at a standstill.
  13. Can be stored up easily and can be used for peaks

State eight (8) advantages of hydropower                                      (4 marks) from The polytechnic Ibadan in electrical department



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